Intermediate Tactical Pistol

Intermediate Tactical Pistol Course

Self Defense Handgun Fundamentals:

This is an intermediate level handgun course lasting about 3-4 hours while firing 400-500 rounds at the range. Designed for shooters who are ready to take the next step in handgun fundamentals and prepare themselves for defensive situations either at home or in public. We will start by making sure you are well-versed on drawing from your holster and using both a two handed and one handed grip. You will be shooting and reloading (strong and weak handed) on the move from varying distances with multiple targets. Malfunction clearing will be taught and used throughout the day. Confidence and skill sets will be built with basic fundamentals and balance of speed and precision development drills. Shooting from behind cover, kneeling, sitting, moving and even laying down and shooting from a chair!


Students must understand the importance of firearm safety and be comfortable shooting your pistol with a basic working knowledge of how pistols operate (loading magazines/cylinders, basic pistol nomenclature, etc).

Course Rates:

Intermediate Pistol Course fee is $100.00 and includes range fees.

Course Capacity:

We limit this course to 8-10 students to help ensure each student obtains the attention and coaching this type of skills building course should provide.

Course Length:

Approximately 4-6 hours.


500 Rounds (bring more if you want to shoot more!)


  • Pistol
  • Strong side hip holster
  • 3 magazines or speed loaders
  • Magazine carrier
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Range attire
  • Water source
  • Hat


  • Concealed Carry permit required!
  • This is fairly fast paced advanced concealed carry course that can be physically demanding! Students should be in good physical condition, familiar with their equipment and have basic gun-handling skills established prior to attending.
  • We will be training outdoors, so dress to the weather.