Just a note to Thank both Mike and Joe for conducting the above class…We believe gun owners are being attacked from many sources and many legislative bodies every day and our right to bear arms is given to each of us from our forefathers, and taking a Class that teaches gun safety and personal protection seems fundamental to these rights…We would recommend this Class to everyone interested in either of these subjects…It was very interesting and Professionally conducted…Thank you also for spending extra time with my wife through her qualifications.

Melinda and Terry, Lincoln, 2012Former Students

I am so pleased with your concealed carry class, The class itself was very informative; and my experience on the shooting range was outstanding; but what most impressed me was today I went to file for my CCW Permit, and while waiting for fingerprinting and Photo’s, other people were coming in from different classes from other trainers, they were all being turned away because their paperwork was not filled out or it wasn’t notarized, or they weren’t told they needed a birth certificate. When I was there it was smooth sailing the entire way because thanks to my instructors I was fully prepared; Thank you!!!

Louis, Lincoln, 2012Former Student

I was in the Navy for many years and have attended many training classes. You guys are the best I’ve ever seen at keeping a class on track and moving forward. Great class!

Glen, LincolnFormer Student

I attended your training course with my sister last month and sent off my paperwork to Utah a couple of weeks ago. I have had nothing but positive things to tell people about when they ask about your course. Some of my family attended a different class a couple of months ago and it was very uninformative. Some of the things that I learned from your course they should have also learned as well, but did not. Thanks for all the good information. I am hoping that I will never need the practical knowledge I attained but know that I can now protect myself in a bad situation – I am practicing weekly.

John, Niobrara, 2013Former Student